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QA Engineer

Other skills
ios, iphone, kanban, macos, prototype, testrail, usability, xcode
$ 1000
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Knowledge and understanding of different testing Types: Functional (Smoke, Critical), Usability, Localization, Compatibility, Performance, Security, Regression, Installation, Failover&Recovery testing types etc;
Knowledge of testing methods (blackbox, greybox and whitebox testing);
Knowledge of IOS mobile development ( SWIFT)
In process to understanding mobile automation testing ( IOS and Android) with Appium (cucumber) framework and Ruby programming language
Base knowledge of Xcode and partly understanding Android studio
Understanding the software architecture;
Designing of testing documentation (TestCases, TestSuites, BugReports, TestPlan, TestResultsReport);
Knowledge of UX principles and practice in creating mobile wireframes ( modifying existing app and create screens from scratch)
Experience of working in Trello
Knowledge and skills of Test Design (practiced techniques: equivalence classes, boundary values, error predictions);
Understanding of Bug life-cycle;
Basic knowledge of OOP
Understanding the operation of web applications, web browsers;
SQL base knowledge
Core Data ( Xcode )


To read all the documents and understand what needs to be tested;
Based on the information procured in the above step decide how it is to be tested;
Inform the test lead about what all resources will be required for software testing;
Creating check – lists and test-cases;
Execute all the test-cases and report defects, define severity and priority for each defect using Trello;
Carry out regression testing every time when changes are made to the code to fix defects;
Manual testing (functional, usability, white-box, localization, cross-browser testing, mobile cross platform testing);
Creating UX prototypes and creating modifications to existing applications
Have a practice with iTunes connect and Google developer console ( share new application builds, add screenshots for applications)